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Brazil tourism: Spa Week packages

Brazil tourism: Spa Week is back

To 10th edition of Spa Week it happens from 17 on May 31, 2014. They are six squares to the whole: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Paraná, Minas Gerais, Federal district and Bahia. The value of the therapies varies between R$65,00 and R$75,00 in agreement with the state. Spa Week consists of the offer of the most several treatments at a reduced price and with the objective of democratizing the well-being in the society. Organized Originariamente in the USA, the event already count with approximately 700 participant spas between USA and Canada.

With the idea of promoting that experience also here in Brazil, the Brazilian Association of Clinics and Spas organized in São Paulo, first SPA Week of Brazil in October of 2009. And the success was so big, that we are taking the event for other cities of Brazil. They are dozens of spas, hundreds of professionals and suppliers promoting the well-being in the society and contributing to the development of the section.