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brazilian women at beach
RIo de Janeiro
And how human it is, and how much nearer to life than the austerities and abstractions of a creed! Hour after hour I strolled through these lovely places, so beautifully ordered that the authorities, one feels, must themselves delight in the nature they control. But how it can consent the humanity to a knowledge that is only achieved when the soul is liberated of the ties? Now you understand that the life is not an affliction of the spirit that not all that becomes low the sun it is vanity that somehow everything always went and always you diri. I ring the bell, get off with a wiry old woman who somehow becomes Donna as we wait for the light to cross Brazil.
  It is Brazil, it is Rio de Janeiro, the intangible Rio with tanned midriffs and intoxicating smiles, informal celebration and friendly exchanges, the casual democracy of an American street festival combined with the charged vibe of a Miami nightclub. And the famous donna brazil... " It is difficult for the traveller, who turns in despair from the inhospitable countries of this forsaken coast, to reflect that this barren country adjoins groups of brazilian islands upon which nature has lavished her treasures and delights with a liberal hand. I almost stooped to catch its wings from sidewalk grime. Men and women, young and old, grandparents, parents, children come flocking in to climb the great Rio mountain. To the one to sit down, a flock of white doves as the snow descended and it was located in lathe of its feet, forming a medialuna, while the maidens sang sambas of glory.
The Carnival:
Learn the history behind the Brazil Carnival (Carnaval), be fitted for a costume, watch preparations at Samba City,experience the great Samba Schools Parade and attend Rio’s fanciest Carnival ball

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